L’oreal Paris Collagenene Re-Plumper Cream 50 Gm


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L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Re-Plumper Day Cream is enriched with collagen and moisturisers to help delay the signs of ageing by plumping the skin with nourishing moisturisers. Ensure round-the-clock hydration with L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease Collagen Re-Plumper Day Cream; leaving your skin dewy and youthful for 24 hours. Highly effective and with the latest anti-ageing technology, it is specifically formulated to guarantee reduced lines and wrinkles, making the skin feel fresh and buoyant.

Delivers moisture directly to the skin and helps calm dry skin and irritation
Provides a long-lasting result to your skin
Formulated to offer corrective action on lips contours and lines
Aids in restoring natural density of the lips, leaving them smoother, fuller and plumper

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