LOLANE Natura Hair Treatment 250 Ml


For Preventing Hair Fall

– Revitalize your hair & replenish scalp’s moisture by Peptide and Beetroot extract to solve hair loss problems.


2. For Smooth & Straight

– Natural Extract from White Lily extract keeps hair moisture.

– Make your hair smooth and straight.

– Protect your hair from getting back to normal condition, even in high humidity. Your hair will be straight with natural look all day long.

– Nice scent.


3. For Nourishing & Color Care

– Nourish colored hair by Color Shield System from Sunflower. It acts as a hair coat, protecting your hair from UV rays. Reduce free radicals which are causes of hair color fading.


4. For Nourishing & Diamond Shine Booster

– Nourish severely dry hair by Diamond Shine System from Macadamia Butter that can perfectly enamel hair shafts.


5. For Dry & Damaged Hair

– Nourish dry & damaged hair by Moisture Infusion System from Jojoba Oil.

– Moisturize and make your hair have more volume, soft and smooth.

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