GK Hair Lock Me Masque Mask 200 Ml



Salon Professional Use Only


GKhair Lock Me Color Masque protects the hair’s natural substances with the provision of creating new and healthier hair. The advanced formulation locks in healthy hair cells with double protection revealing the hair’s natural beauty while deep conditioning and protecting hair color. Thus, firmness is enhanced and the hair is fully protected against hair damages, dullness, breakage and hair fall. Buy now GKhair Lock Me Color Masque for color protection and hair moisture.


JUVEXIN A keratin anti-aging protein blend to repair the hair.



  • Lock in the newly formed bonds
  • Seal in moisture
  • UV/Color Protection benefits


GKhair Lock Me Color Masque will close the cuticle of the hair and lock in color. Moisturizes and repairs hair.



Wash the hair with PH+ Shampoo if a stand-alone service or with Moisturizing if after color, apply GKhair Lock Me Color Masque to lock in color and condition the hair. Leave on the hair for 5-20 minutes.

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