Plum Sun Spf 35 Green Tea Day-light Sunscreen Gel 50ml


Rs. 920

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Product Description

About the Product

Light feel, heavy duty. Day in, day out. Created with love, this sunscreen is suitable for oily and acne-proneskin. The sheer light-wear comfort of this non-comedogenic, SPF35 + UVA sunscreen gelputs the fun back into being in the sun.

How to Use

•Dot your face with gel.

•One dot each on the forehead, both cheeks, nose & chin (5 dots in all).

•Gently massage in with fingertips in small upward-outward circles.

•Don't forget neck &arms. Reapply after 3-4 hours.

•Allow at least 10 mins before you step out in the sun.

•Thisallows the sunscreen to settle down and stay effective.