Atomy Evening Skin Care 4 Set


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Atomy Evening Care 4 Set

This set comes with 4 different types of beauty soulution for all your beauty needs. ncluded in the set is: Deep Cleaner 150 ml: Make up & sebum removal Foam Cleanser 150 ml: Removes pore sediments Peeling Gel 120 ml: Synergy care to remove horns and absorb effective ingredients Peel Off Mask 120 ml: Pore care and firming action.

Deep cleanser, for the day where its filled with outdoor activities like hiking , running etc. Its built for the toughest day your skin has to go though. It deeply cleanses your pores and leaves a clean , matte and fresh look. Perfect for people who are active but still love their skin.

Foaming cleanser , for all the other day when its cool outside and not jam packed with activities. This cleanser gently removes sebum from your skin and adding healty oils into it to keep it supple and soft. Perfect for everyday use.

Peeling gel , for the times when you want to exfoliate and remove dead skin. It removes excess dead skin cells on the skin and removes dirt clogged in the pores for a acne free skin. Leaves skin radiant and full of new cells.

Peel off mask , for the times when you want to pamper yourself just like in a spa, or pamper yourself for the someone special…. this peel of mask is perfect for you. This mask works by relaxing your skin and pumping in vital nutrients to keep them looking radient and firm while increasing elasticity.


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